The 2020 Style Resolutions I'm Making Right Now

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I know most of us are logged off for the year… but I’m still hammering away at work, with just a few days to go til Christmas! One of the things I’ve been thinking about are my 2020 style resolutions for the New Year, so today I’m sharing them with you.

1. less fast fashion, more investment pieces

Part of my job is all about working with brands to share their latest collections with you guys, but while it’s always been so fun to try new trends… I’m definitely starting to become more aware of what MY responsibility should be when it comes to consumerism and sustainability. Over the past few months, I did a HUGE closet clean out, and I realized just how much stuff I’ve accumulated just this year alone! It’s not cool to fill up my wardrobe with cheap clothes that I end up forgetting I even own… and so, this year, I’m promising myself to have less. I’ve already started turning down gifts from brands when I know they aren’t products I will ever use… and during bigger events like Fashion Week, I’m making a resolution to do more showroom loans than buying items I will only wear once and never again. Instead, I wanna continue sharing REAL looks and investment pieces I’m wearing every day… and will repeat wearing for years to come. That way, you guys will always know that when I recommend something I love, it’s something I REALLY do love!

2. read my clothing care labels

Have you guys ever purchased a beautiful sweater or silk shirt, and then put it through the wash only for it to come out shrunken and completely ruined? I’m totally guilty of this… at least, I used to be. That’s because for the longest time, I had the terrible habit of throwing all of my laundry through the wash without reading the clothing care label! My silk shirts should’ve gone to the dry-cleaners and my sweaters definitely aren’t made for the high dryer. READ YOUR CLOTHING CARE LABELS guys! Your clothes will last so much longer, and that’s important especially when it comes to saving your money and being sustainable. Now, when I see an item I like in the store, I read the clothing label… if it’s more time-consuming (hand washing, air drying, etc.) or money-consuming (dry cleaning, special detergents, etc.) than I’m willing to commit to, I just don’t purchase that item! If I’m not ready to care for it, it’s definitely not worth my money to buy and wear it just once.

3. take more risks

I like what I like, and I know what works for me style-wise… but sometimes, I feel like my style choices have me hanging out in my comfort zone a bit too much. Neutrals are great, and my wardrobe’s full of them, but whenever I step outside the box and rock a bright color, I’m always reminded f just how much fun fashion is supposed to be! I’m always especially inspired to take risks during Fashion Week, but I think I wanna bring the fun into my year-round wardrobe.

What are your style resolutions for 2020? xx

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