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Back in ATL to Test Drive the 2021 Porsche Taycan

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I didn’t think I would be back on the road traveling for work so soon, but when Porsche reached out to me to come back to Atlanta and check out the 2021 Taycan electric car, I had to say yes!

Full disclosure — making the decision to travel was not one that I took lightly. After all, we still are in the middle of a pandemic (although the future is looking a lot brighter these days!) so every precaution still does need to be taken seriously. That said, I had been planning a quick trip home to Atlanta anyway because I needed to pick up all of my tax paperwork (fun!), so this partnership opportunity came at the perfect time. The Porsche team took all of the necessary precautions, issuing COVID rapid tests before the event and keeping everything socially-distanced during our tour and dinner at the Porsche Experience Center. We even got to test drive the 2021 Taycan cars completely on our own, with instructors radioing in driving and safety tips while we were out on the track. It was the experience of a lifetime on the driving track: I’ve never been behind the wheel through so many skids, spins and accelerations!! It was super scary at first, but I’m honestly SO glad I did it and I would totally make another visit on my own next time I’m in town 😄

Following our day at the Porsche Experience Center, I was given a 2020 Porsche Taycan on loan for the duration of the rest of my stay in Atlanta. YES PLEASE! Could I have felt like more of a boss, cruising down the GA400 highway in the dreamiest car?

Marc Jacobs

The Leather Mini Tote Bag

my companion bag for the week… it looks small, but it’s super roomy to hold all of my daily essentials!


If you guys aren’t familiar with the Porsche Taycan, here’s the low-down: it’s an electric car, which means I also had my first experience charging a car. The full charge came up to $9… way more cost-effective and environmentally than getting a $30 tank of gas every week! The car itself accelerates from 0-60 in under 3 seconds (something to try on a driving track, NOT a highway haha) and it had so many in-built features that made for a smooth ride all week long! I really did love this car, and it’s officially on my list of dream cars… when I move away from NYC of course, no one needs a car in this city!

Interested in trying out the 2021 Porsche Taycan for yourself? Click HERE to sign up for a test drive at your local dealership. xx

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