These 5 Timeless Fabrics Make Any Outfit Look Expensive

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Looking for a wardrobe upgrade? If you’ve ever looked at the clothes hanging in your closet, thinking everything looks blah, then this post is for you! Chances are, you don’t like majority of your clothes after wearing them for one season because they’re already starting to look ill-fitting, cheap and too trendy. You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to shop every single month, and the secret to finding clothes you love is buying great quality pieces that you can always reach for! With curated selects from Saks Fifth Avenue, today I’m sharing the following five fabrics are ones to keep an eye out for when shopping, because they’re fabrics that look expensive, chic and luxe — no matter the occasion! 😊

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1. silk

There’s a reason everyone’s favorite lingerie pieces are usually made of silk — the fabric is effortless, breathable and SO expensive-looking!

2. chunky knits

A staple Fall favorite, chunky knits are a great way upgrade to your cold weather looks! Don’t be afraid to go up a size, for a cozier look.

3. high-quality faux leather

Real leather tends to be super expensive already… but there are so many great looking faux leather pieces on the market these days so that you can get the luxe look for less.

4. linen

Summer’s answer to a classy, expensive outfit? Linen! Make sure you have a steamer at home, because this fabric wrinkles easy… but even with wrinkles, this fabric always looks chic.

5. satin

Satin is typically a less expensive alternative to silk, but it’s still one of the many fabrics that look expensive. The sheen on this fabric always warrants a double take.

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