How to Find The Right Mascara Wand for the Perfect Lash Look

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What’s in a wand? Whenever I’m mascara shopping, I’ll be completely honest: up until recently, I was never entirely sure of what I was supposed to be looking for. Mascara is a constant in every girl’s makeup routine, but every mascara does something a little different. Sometimes we want lash definition, sometimes we want some curl, and sometimes we just want those lashes to POP! Now, we already know that mascara wands differ on a product-by-product basis… but did you know that the kind of wand you’re using can make all the difference in achieving the perfect lash look?

Thanks to my friends at Revlon®, I got to experience the effects that different types of mascara wands can have on your lashes, and today, I’m sharing these secrets with you! You’ll definitely want to pay attention to the unique shapes of each of the mascara wands, and keep them in mind for when you’re ready to make your next mascara purchase. Now’s definitely the time to find your perfect mascara too, because April 30th marks #WalgreensMascaraDay at Walgreens, where you can mix and match Revlon® Mascaras and wands to cocktail your perfect lash look and enjoy a a buy one, get one 50% off any Revlon® Mascara! Read on now to find the right mascara that’ll get you your unique lashes.

Get More Length

The secret of creating the illusion of longer lashes is to make sure every single lash is covered in your favorite mascara product. To achieve the most length from your mascara, look for a wand that has long bristles and a tapered tip to cover every single lash… even the shorter ones in your inner corners! Revlon Super Length™ mascara has the perfect formula that glides on easily to create a buildable, extended lash look.

Mascara Cocktail tip: Use one layer of Revlon Dramatic Definition™ as a base to separate and define lashes, and top it off with 2 layers of Revlon Super Length™ for added lash length.

Get More Volume

Lots of ladies love the look of voluminous lashes, but we shy away from mascaras that promise volume because we hate the clumpy look! Revlon Ultra Volume™ Mascara offers a new take on lash volume, with a conditioning, clump-free formula that plumps up your lashes. The perfect formula needs the right mascara wand of course: for the most volume, keep an eye out for the triple grooves within the Revlon Lash Plumping Brush™ (a mix of both short and long), designed to really be able to hold and transfer more product to your lashes.

Mascara Cocktail tip: Use one layer of Revlon Dramatic Definition™ as a base to separate and define lashes, and top it off with 2 layers of Revlon Ultra Volume™ for mega volume.

Get Volume & Length

Volume is great, and so is length… but why not both? There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, and to maximize the intensity of your lashes, you definitely want a product that’s got you covered on both bases! Revlon Volume + Length Magnified™ Mascara has a high-shine black fiber formula that amplifies both length and volume, and the square-shaped brush is uniquely designed to anchor the mascara formula to your lashes to really amp up your lash intensity.

Mascara Cocktail tip: Use one layer of Revlon® Ultimate All-In-One™ Mascara as a base for full lash impact, and top it off with 2 layers of Revlon® Volume + Length Magnified™ to double down on volume and length. This is one of my favorite mascara combos, because it’s super intense and compliments a smokey eye!

Separate & Define

Great lashes always calls for a clean, defined look… and sometimes that can be hard to achieve when you’re wearing double or triple layers of mascara for that extra oomph! With the Revlon Dramatic Definition™ Mascara wand’s tiered bristles, you can define and separate each lash with every swipe, giving you that perfect clump-free look. So chic!

Mascara Cocktail tip: Use two layers of Revlon Ultimate All-In-One™ to maximize intensity, and top it off with 1 layer of Revlon Dramatic Definition™ to combat clumping and give you a false lash look that’s actually all you!

The Ultimate All-In-One

When you’re on the go, sometimes you don’t actually have time to figure out all the little details… you need that one thing that does everything, and that can actually be really hard to find if you don’t know what to look for! Luckily Revlon Ultimate All-In-One™ Mascara has you covered, promising you volume, length, definition, lift AND intense color. The mini oval-shaped brush makes for a quick and easy product application, and the hollow-core wand is designed to deposit maximum formula for mega lash impact. All that, in one product![/one_half_last]

Created in collaboration with Revlon® at Walgreens; all views are my own.
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