6 Summer Essentials for the Perfect Picnic in the Park

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As our summer plans and itineraries start filling up, there’s one thing I’m pretty sure every New Yorker has on our horizons: a picnic in the park!

New York City is known as the concrete jungle, but if there’s one thing I love about living here — it’s how much care is taken into preserving our parks and green areas, so that we can always find a way to escape everyday traffic, office buildings and the general stereotypes of city living. If you live here like I do, I’m sure you know that hanging out at local parks is every New Yorker’s favorite summer past-time!

But whether you live in NYC or not, if you have plans to get together with friends this summer, a picnic is such a fun way to spend your day outdoors… and you can host one anywhere: your local park, your backyard or even your rooftop if your building allows! Here are some must-haves you’ll need at your next day out in the park.

1. picnic basket

Always a classic carry-all for your picnic essentials, the picnic basket needs no other intro! You can opt for a fully-stocked basket, or grab your favorite wicker tote to stock up on your own things.

2. picnic blanket

If you forget everything else, don’t forget this one! Even if you’ve been having spells of good weather, morning dew makes the grass wet — so make sure you have a blanket to sit on comfortably.

3. drinks

We’ve all been looking forward to spending the summer outdoors, so let’s toast to that! Here are some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to keep you cool.

4. small bites

Picnics and small bites always go hand-in-hand; here are some of my favorite shareable snacks that always make for a crowd favorite!

5. entertainment

Whether you’re picnicking solo and want to zone out with your headphones and a good book, or looking for a group activity to do with your friends — here are some picks that’ll keep your picnic in the park activity-filled!

6. sunscreen

I know that I may sound like a broken record when it comes to sunscreen, but here’s another reminder to protect the skin you’re in — especially when you’re spending the day outdoors!

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