5 Essential Items Everyone Forgets to Pack in Their Carry-on Luggage

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We may not be quite ready to hop on a plane for a trip around the world, but as restrictions ease — let’s talk about traveling safely and packing smartly!

I know it’s been a while since any of us have packed a suitcase, and I’m sure you’re itching to hit the road as soon as it’s safe for you to do so… but before heading out of town for your next trip, let’s double-check that you really have everything you need to make your trip one that’s hassle-free. If you’ve ever traveled and realized that you accidentally forgot something at home — chances are that it’s one of the items listed below, so here are the carry-on items that you should be adding to your reminder list so you can travel like a pro!

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1. sunscreen

Sunscreen is a year-round skincare staple, but when you travel, it can be the first thing you forget! There are tons of travel-size SPF products that’ll fit into your carry on bag, and given that we spend more time outside while traveling than we typically do when we are at home — you definitely want to stay sun-protected. Here are some of my favorite sunscreens for every day wear.

2. all-weather jacket

As we all know, your carry-on luggage only has so much space, so they’re no place for your heavy coats and sweaters.  What I’ve found to be really helpful instead is to bring a light all-weather jacket. This can vary from a rain coat to a windbreaker, or anything that can serve as a multi-purpose coat to keep you dry and warm. Having a go-to lightweight jacket option will change the way you travel and leave you so much space for the rest of your packing list!

3. portable device charger

A portable device charger should always be on your packing list! It’s a great way to make sure your mobile devices have the back up power they need — whether you need to pass time listening to music at the airport, or in need of map navigation while exploring solo — the last thing you want to be is teetering on 5% battery power, without a clue of where you get plugged in to stay connected to the people and apps that will keep you safe while traveling.

4. copies of travel documents

Keeping track of all of your travel documents in a central, accessible and easy-to-remember location can be challenging during the travel prep process. Having an organizer to hold all of your important documents is really helpful to make sure you don’t forget or lose important travel information. Ever since I purchased one of these it has made my traveling experiences a breeze, because I know exactly where to find everything I need: passports, travel insurance, residence cards and more!

5. sewing & first-aid kits

This is definitely one of the most essential carry-on items that people often tend to forget about. Whether it is a sewing kit, first-aid kit, or any other type of go-to kit, they always find some way to come in handy on just about every excursion I’ve been on! A mini first aid kit is a lifesaver if you get hurt on the road, and for someone like me who works in fashion and changes outfits multiple times a day during Fashion Month, having safety pins, and sewing needles and extra buttons is amazing for last-minute quick fixes while on the go!

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