20 Beauty Products to Prep Your Skin & Hair for Cold Weather

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Colder weather is quickly approaching, and it’s time to prep your skin and hair with beauty products for transition weather.

The incoming winter months aren’t just a reminder to start swapping out your wardrobe — it’s time to swap out your skincare and haircare staples, too! Colder weather, brisk winds and lower humidity levels draw moisture away from your skin and hair, which compromises their overall health.

Today we’re running through 20 incredible haircare and beauty products for transition weather, to make sure you’re giving your body all the TLC it’s going to need this winter 🥰


Try utilizing a non-stripping cleanser, and add serums and masks with hydrating ingredients to your routine to nourish and protect your face.

Be sure to extend the love to the rest of your skin! Start your skincare in the shower with a body wash like this one from Necessaire which contains niacinamide to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier.


Arguably one of our most overlooked areas of skin is our scalp. Keeping your oils balanced and ensuring you are properly cleansing and stimulating your scalp is super important, and essential for healthy hair!


Cold, dry weather can cause the cuticle of your hair to begin to lift, so it’s super important to double down on moisturizing. Briogeo does an amazing job of leaving out harmful chemicals and providing options for all hair types.


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