4 Tips I Swear By When Bra Shopping Online

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If you’ve ever done bra shopping online and ended up with a bunch of ones that fit you weirdly, even though the tags say they’re the same size — you’re not alone! I used to hate lingerie shopping on the Internet, but recently I discovered a few bra brands that are only available online… so I needed to adapt quick. Here are the online bra shopping tips I swear by, to ensure that I always purchase the perfect fit for me!

1. measure yourself at home every 6-12 months

When was the last time you got measured for a bra fitting, and did you know you can do them at home yourself? Every brand has a slightly different fit (no matter how much they tell you otherwise), so make sure you’re pulling up the fitting guide on the brand’s website and using THEIR guidelines to find the right size for you! Even if you know your size at your favorite bra brand, make sure you’re re-measuring yourself at least once a year so that you make sure you’re purchasing the right fit! As women, our bodies change so often… so you’d be surprised to know that you might need a different size now!


Small Measuring Tape

small and discreet, this measuring tape can go into your bathroom drawer... and the built-in case will keep it from tangling!


2. the right fit is all about the band

When bra shopping, you know you’ve found the right fit when the LOOSEST clasp on the bra band fits you snugly. Why, you ask? Because your bras have a lot of elastic in them… if you need to wear it on the tightest clasp, your bra definitely won’t get any tighter with wear… and you won’t be able to adjust the clasp to tighten it. If you find a bra you love, make sure that it fits you comfortably on all of the loosest settings so that you can tighten it as it gets older!

3. be mindful of fabrics, silhouettes and your outfit

A lace bra is not a t-shirt bra, is not a strapless bra, is not a balconette bra… etc. When you’re looking for the right bra to go with your outfit, you should make sure you’re choosing colors and fabrics that make your bra essentially invisible underneath your clothes. While I love a lacy number, I find that the lace can look bumpy under my silk shirts… so I opt for cotton instead. Likewise, when I’m looking for a bra to accent my outfit and don’t mind a little peekaboo moment, a t-shirt bra just looks sloppy while lacy accents can look super chic!

Marks & Spencer

Crochet Padded Plunge Bra

i'm unfortunately not the kinda girl who can go without wearing a bra... even though i love a deep-V moment, so my solution is plunge bras! they dip down in the center, between the cups, so that i can wear them with my wrap dresses and they also look super flattering on their own too!


4. you NEED at least 5 bras in your collection

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you have just one go-to bra you wear every day… 🗣️ YOU NEED MORE! No matter which bra it is that you own, it won’t work for every outfit in your wardrobe. Wanna know what a bra collection looks like? Start with the following 5 bras for a basic collection: one nude/white bra, one black bra, one strapless bra, one sports bras (two if you’re a regular gym-goer), and one underwire-less bra for comfort. Once you have those basics, you’re set to add non-essentials that are more fun, flirty and risqué so that you can switch things up whenever you’re in the mood!

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