The One E-Store Every Fashion Girl Has Bookmarked

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Coco rocking Coco… Chanel, that is. When it comes to luxury, nobody does it better than Chanel… and while there’s the odd item that isn’t too far our of reach budget-wise (I love Chanel beauty products!)… taking the plunge on a pair of Chanel shoes or a Chanel bag definitely isn’t something that the average girl does every day. They’re not called investment pieces for nothing!

The best part about investment pieces like designer bags is that they’re made to last… which would explain why every fashion girl knows that shopping pre-owned is where it’s at! A 10-year old bag can still look as good as a new fresh-off-the-runway one… and sometimes, a vintage bag can be worth more than any of the current-season pieces on the market! I’ve already shared one of my favorite places to shop pre-loved designer bags for lower prices, but if you’re looking for another option where fashion girls are finding their it-bags at incredible prices, then you need to have Rebag bookmarked before your next online shopping venture! With prices starting as low as $300, affordable luxury takes on a whole new meaning… and now you can accessorize your looks with a bag that you’ll be able to keep forever


shot by Udee B.

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