How to Create Your Cozy Aesthetic Bedroom Haven

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If you’re reading this in bed (or wishing you were in one)… today’s post is for you!

As someone who is out a lot for work events and travel, I can’t tell you how important it is to me to come home to a place of comfort. We spend about 30% of our lives in bed, so turning my sleep space into a place that feels safe and calm, is a big part of my own self care routine.  You guys know that I’m partnering with home retailer Lulu & Georgia this year to dress up my apartment, so I’m super excited to share today’s home edit that’s all about getting that cozy aesthetic for your bedroom.

Here are my three tips I live by to achieve a cozy bedroom aesthetic that I’m always so grateful to come home to. What’s your bedroom decor must-have?

1. stick to neutral tones

stay away from loud colors that’ll overstimulate your senses and keep you awake. if you need any proof that neutrals don’t always look blah, find more visual inspo HERE.

2. mix and match natural textures

play with layering complementary colors and different natural textures like raffia, wool, linen, etc.

3. keep tech out of the bedroom

swap your television and phone screens with art and plants to keep your bedroom space peaceful.

*inspo photos from Pinterest

my picks for the perfect cozy bedroom aesthetic

As you’re browsing for your bedroom upgrade, don’t forget to use promo code COCO15 for 15% off at LuluandGeorgia.com! You can also check out some of the other L&G pieces I have at home, and how I styled them HERE.

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