Water Temperatures For
Skin & Hair Care

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Growing up, there were lots of things that my mother taught me: how keep my room clean, how I should never stay out too late, the importance of saving money… and the list goes on and on. I was never a hard child to deal with (right mom?!)… but there’s definitely ONE bit of advice I never quite seemed to pick up on — one that I even still do today! I am ADDICTED to long, hot showers… even in the summer, and even when it means accidentally-but-not-really using up all the hot water before the next person has the chance to hop in #sorrynotsorry

Being right in the middle of the Winter season, keeping my skin moisturized and healthy is super important to me… and while I love a hot shower, I’ve definitely experienced the repercussions of overdoing it sometimes. As weird as it sounds, hot water is actually really drying to the skin, and when Delta sent me a Delta Temp2O showerhead to help me adjust my shower regimen, it started making all the difference almost immediately! Now I’m a lot more mindful of my water temperatures, and even better: there’s ALWAYS hot water left for everyone else!


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The Best Water Temperatures For Skin & Hair Care

Here’s a quick guide of water temps and how they should play into your daily skin and hair care regimen:

  • Cold Water (<79°): Refreshing and invigorating, cold water is known for its ability to tighten the pores and seal in your deep conditioning treatments into hair follicles! Even though I love a hot shower, I always try to get at least 10 seconds under cold water right before I step out of the shower. It’s also the best way to feel more awake as I’m starting my day!
  • Warm Water (80°-110°): Here’s the temperature range that you should be spending most of your shower session in. Not too cold that you’ll be freezing your ass off on a January morning, and not too hot that you’ll be left with dry skin for the rest of the day.
  • Hot Water (>111°): Stress-relieving and sleep-inducing, hot water is always the go-to for congestion and pain relief at the end of the day. Hot water also opens up pores and follicles, so it’s this temperature range is perfect for removing grimy build-up in your hair and skin. Don’t go TOO hot (of course), and try to keep your direct exposure to hot water as minimal as possible to avoid stripping your skin of its essential natural oils!


Delta Temp2O‘s 6-Spray LED Digital Temperature Diplay Showerhead takes the guesswork out of your daily hygiene routine, with three instant color display indicators signaling temperature changes in your . Shop here and more below:

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