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What's on My End of Summer Bucketlist

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Time’s flying, we’re already in August?! Where did this summer already go? I feel like things have been so busy, that I’ve barely had the time to take a breath… so that’s exactly what I’m planning to do more of this month and I made a summer bucketlist to hold myself accountable!

take a girls’ trip

I know, I travel a lot… but 95% of the time, my trips are always work-related! So while it looks like fun on Instagram, you guys probably aren’t seeing all of the behind-the-scenes craziness that goes on too. I’m already planning 2 trips this month (one this weekend, and one over Labor Day weekend), and I’m super excited for some me-time with my closest friends 🙂

post-summer closet clean out

GUYS. My wardrobe is overflowing!!! I know that complaining about PR packages from brands is such a non-problem… but it’s no joke when my room is overrun with products and clothes that I can’t get around to wearing or using… I’m just one person! Right now, I’m trying to decide between giveaways and/or donating things to women’s shelters. More on that soon!

fashion week prep

Believe it or not, Fashion Week is only four weeks away… and planning for it take a lot more than a few days. This year, I’m trying to do better about pre-planning everything by booking my trip early, and putting together a preliminary content and work schedule that’ll hopefully make my NYFW and PFW trips a little less stressful, while sharing more of my experience with you all. Fingers crossed!

nailing down a workout routine i love

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen that I recently partnered with Classpass, and rediscovered my love for Pilates. I’ve started going three times a week, and doing weekly runs as well… and I’m down 10lbs since May! I still don’t feel like I’m QUITE where I wanna be yet, so it’s a work in progress… but I’m definitely hoping to share more with you guys about that too. I’m actually super grateful that my Classpass partnership came at the perfect time, because I’m definitely going to be keeping up with it! I love the flexibility of choosing classes that work with my fitness goals and need for variety in my workouts.

What’s on your end of summer bucketlist? It’s not too late to make this your best summer yet, let’s get out there!

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