My Favorite MAC Lipsticks

beauty9 years ago

wearing: Velvet Teddy | Viva Glam III | Flat Out Fabulous | Ruby Woo
also wearing: Stila eyeliner | Topshop necklace | H&M top

Hello February!! With Valentines’ Day around the corner, you might already be planning what you’ll be wearing to pucker up for the perfect moment, so I thought I’d share my favorite lipsticks with you guys today for a little color inspiration…

NUDE — Velvet Teddy is my “it-goes-with-everything” shade. I’ll be honest though, the first time I tried it on a couple years ago after reading people rave about it online, I was TOTALLY turned off by how washed out it looked on me… until I discovered the magic of a good lip pencil. If you find this shade too light for you, try it with MAC’s “Whirl” lipliner, and you’ll see a world of difference!

BROWN — This is the most recent addition to my lipstick collection, and what I wear to work on most days. It’s a bit of an odd color, falling somewhere between a brown and a deep berry color depending on what you wear it with  — but I find it to be the perfect color for office-appropriate everyday wear, it’s a beautiful lip color that’s still not too flashy.


HOT PINK — The color is called “Flat Out Fabulous” and that’s exactly what it is… this one’s currently my favorite weekend color, especially on a girls’ night out. I especially love wearing it with all-black outfits, so I’m kinda glad you guys can see how well it works with black in these pictures. Seriously though, how fun is it? The color just puts me in a dancing mood!


RED — Do I really need to say anything more about Ruby Woo that you haven’t heard before? It’s the perfect shade of red, and if you’re as familiar with MAC’s lipstick line as I am, you can probably spot a Ruby Woo lip from a mile away.

So there you have it! Which color is your favorite?

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