How to Style a Chic & Festive Tablescape for Holiday Hosting

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It’s holiday hosting season!

Setting a table for the holidays can be daunting — between finding the right plateware, along with matching pieces to accentuate your holiday table setting, it can be overwhelming to know where to start!  Building a beautiful, elevated tablescape is easier than you think though —and there are so many ways to do it without veering into a corny, stereotypical set-up that looks like something created straight out of Party City 😅 More subtle odes to the time of year keep a table looking chic and timeless, so let’s dive into these 3 easy tips to get started on creating the perfect tea or dinner party to ring in the holiday season.

1. let your plateware inspire your color scheme

Go as bold or simple as you like, and then commit to framing the plates with complementary pieces.

2. avoid holiday clichés for a more elegant feel

No need for a mini tree or wreaths on the table. You can bring warmth to the setting with more subtle nods to the holiday season.

3. mix & match heights for visual interest

A flat tablescape is a boring tablescape! Keep your guests intrigued with different shapes and sizes.

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