How To Master Your At-Home Blowout Like A Pro

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There are little things that every girl adds to her regimen that may not appear noticeable upon first glance, but they make ALL the difference in our confidence levels, giving that added touch of je ne sais quoi. For me, one of those things happens to be rocking fresh blowout; nothing beats perfected glossy locks that smell oh-so-good! But hair perfection comes at a price… and that’s the part that sucks. Shelling out $40-60 on a weekly basis isn’t cheap, and when you have bangs like I do, it can be tough to keep up with a good hair routine without feeling tempted to run out to a professional more often than your wallet will allow!

A couple months ago, I popped into Sephora on a mission: to find the right products for my hair, so that I could achieve a salon-worthy look at home. After lots of trial and error (seriously though, this process has been a year in the making), I think I’ve finally found the secret sauce, and today I’m sharing it with you! Read on to learn about my weekly at-home hair routine for the perfect DIY blowout.


Protect Your Hair From Heat!

My #1 top priority (which should be yours too!) is using the right products that’ll protect my hair from excessive heat to keep it looking healthy. I’m not a professional stylist, so I know that means I may have to run a hair iron or blow dryer through my hair a couple extra times more to get the right look, while a seasoned hair stylist would only need to run my hair through once or twice.

The haircare specialist that I was consulting with recommended the Madam C.J. Walker hair care line, and I was literally shocked that I had never used any of their products before! They smell really good, and most importantly, they’re super moisturizing, deep conditioning and protective against heat. I picked up the Silkening Blowout Creme as a base for my at-home blowout routine.

To double down on the pre-heat conditioning, I also use Bumble & Bumble’s Invisible Oil Primer for an extra level of UV protection… did you know that you should also be heat-protecting your hair from the sun? Just like your skin needs SPF, your hair does too!

Finding the Right Hairdryer

I’ve gone through LOTS of hairdryers over the years, and for the longest time I thought that any old thing would do the job, as long as it spouts enough heat to dry my hair. After my last cheap blow dryer literally sparked mid-use, I knew that I needed to find a safer option that wouldn’t have me literally risking my life for my hair regimen. If your hair dryer has sparked on you, you know what I mean right? Those sparks will literally age you by 10 years!

The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i blowdryer has been the perfect addition to my hair care arsenal, and super key in helping me get that weightless salon-worthy blowout. My favorite things about it? The blowdryer comes with the perfect round brush so you don’t have to hunt one down on your own time, and the dryer itself doesn’t run too hot as cheap ones do… cutting your hair’s heat exposure in half, while giving you a great dry at the same time. So my recommendation? Invest in a quality blow dryer if you can, they are definitely worth the price for healthier hair!

The Finishing Touch

The perfect at-home blowout takes patience, so make sure you’re taking your time to ensure that every strand of your hair is getting the attention that it should. With the right heat protectant, blow dryer and straightening tools, you’ll be on your way to a gorgeous mane in no time.

For the final touch of something special, I seal my strands with a dime-sized dab of Madam C.J. Walker Scent & Shine Brassica Seed Oil. It smells divine, and it keeps everything looking super slick… like the final cherry on top of an already-fabulous blowout! On mornings where my hair is looking a little too frizzy and I don’t have time for a full blowout, this product is a great way to tame my hair without doing my full hair routine.

So there you have it: my at-home blowout routine! What do you guys think? Are there any hair products that you swear by, join the conversation and share them below!

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