How To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

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With this week marking the last week of February (already!), let’s do a quick check-in. Remember all of those New Year’s  Resolutions that you set for yourself a couple weeks ago? How are those going?

Let me start by saying that I’m not a fitness guru by ANY means, but these days I’ve tried to be more conscious about how I eat, what I do to keep fit, and how I maintain a general sense of well-being (physically and mentally). Because of this, today we’re launching a new HEALTH vertical on Millennielle, documenting my journey, sharing my tips and stories with you, and starting a conversation about how we can give our bodies the respect that they deserve!

Keeping up with fitness-related goals can really hard and it’s so easy to fall off the bandwagon — TRUST ME, I know! In partnership with Carbon38, Here are some tips that I’ve started incorporating into my life to keep it pushing… hopefully they’ll help you too 

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Take A Break

I work a full-time job, and one of the habits I find myself falling into really easily is being stuck at my desk for 8 hours straight. From sitting in the car, to sitting at work, to sleeping at night — that’s a LOT of time spent without moving. I’ve started setting a timer on my phone to get up and take a walk around the block every couple of hours… if for no other reason that enjoying a bit of fresh air and exploring the neighborhood.

Make Time

Closely related: Set a timer to schedule in your workouts until they become a part of your regular routine! It’s super easy to think that you’re busy, but once you start dedicating time to staying fit, you’ll realize just how much free time you actually have! Sometimes I even multitask, by watching Netflix while I’m on the treadmill… so long, couch potato![/one_half][one_half padding="0 0 0 5px"] 

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Stay Focused, But Also Be Forgiving

Sometimes you’ll fall off the bandwagon and have a bad day, week or even month… it happens to even the best of us! Instead of kicking yourself into demotivation, appreciate the experience for what it is. Life is short, it’s alright to have that dessert! Just make sure you counterbalance it with healthy choices that’ll still keep you on track.[/one_half]

Fashion Meets Fitness

You know that great, invincible feeling you have when you’re wearing a power suit to an interview or the perfect dress for a night out? You can bring it into your fitness routine by revamping your workout wardrobe for a confidence boost too! Gone are the days when we used to work out in ratty, old college t-shirts — luxe athletic wear is in, and it’s the perfect way to feel like the go-getter you are when you’re headed for a workout session. Carbon38 has become my favorite place to shop for fashion-forward activewear, and incorporating my love for fashion into my fitness routine makes it that much more fun. My body may not be exactly where I want it to be QUITE yet, but I’m always ready to hit the concrete and get another session in with Carbon38!

wearing: Varley leggings & sports bra + Alala jacketCarbon38 | Nike trainers | Gentle Monster sunglasses

shot by: Udee B.

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