I Quit.

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Yep, you read that right.

After 10 years in the corporate world, I finally bit the bullet and made the decision to leave my full-time, six-figure corporate job to become… a full time influencer? Wait, let me explain.

When I started Millennielle, I knew I had the potential to make something of it… but I don’t think I ever expected it to be what it’s turned into today. What started as a personal passion project that I hid from my friends and family, has taken me around the world, connected me with incredible people and opened doors to some of the most amazing experiences that I NEVER could’ve dreamed of even if I tried. Millennielle’s mission statement is to redefine the millennial experience, one outfit at a time… and to say I’ve managed to achieve that for myself is somewhat of an understatement for sure.


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I knew that I was ready to leave my job after I came home from Paris Fashion Week last October, and went straight back into work the next day to meet multiple overdue projects, 500+ unread emails, 300+ unanswered text messages, and the longest to-do list I ever had. I was waking up at 3AM every morning to try (and still fail) at getting a headstart on my day, I was getting off conference calls crying because I was so stressed, I had no time for the gym, I was neglecting my personal relationships and I was just… 100% burnt out. My bank account looked great, but my lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. I was miserable, and I knew I needed to change.

That said, here’s a HUGE secret that I’ve never talked about before: I’ve always thought that the idea of leaving my job to become a full time “fashion blogger” or “influencer” was beneath me and so embarrassing. I grew up as the daughter of diplomats, learned how to read when I was three, was always teacher’s pet in school, have a Masters Degree, made 6 figures at my corporate job and had 10 years of professional work experience under my belt. Basically, I did everything right from an educational and professional point of view. Am I really going to walk away from all of that to center my life around ~*fAsHuN*~ and Instagram? Is that the adult thing to do? What would I tell people who asked me what I do for work, and would they think less of me if they knew?

My decision to leave my job was about much more than waiting until I made money from blogging… it was also about me coming to terms with who I REALLY am and letting go of the idea that I need to fit a certain image that would make me feel more “acceptable” to other people. My purpose lies in so much more than an Instagram account, and I knew that if I wanted to grow my platform and start exploring that purpose, I needed to step into it and own it fully. So… here I am, ready to do that now! Instead of posting one sponsored post after the other and boring everyone (including myself) with branded content, I want to start to really connect with my community — both on and offline. So what can you expect? Yes, you’ll still get the same content quality I’ve been sharing with you, but from now on I’ll be a lot more consistent, a lot more responsive, and a lot more transparent. How does that sound!!!

As you’re reading this, I’m working on a video to chat more about my decision to quit my job and share some bonus details on what the next chapter of my life’s going to be looking like, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’re first to know when it goes live! Are you making any major changes with the start of the decade too? I’d love to hear about it! xx

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