Lash Extensions 101:
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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Lash extensions have taken the beauty world by storm, and probably for good reason: a nice set of healthy-looking, long lashes can make all the difference, adding the perfect touch of whimsy touch to any makeup look. Even when you don’t have your face done and/or you’re fresh out of bed in the morning, your lash extensions will have you looking ready for the day with little to no effort at all.

That said, when it comes to your eyelashes, you’re working really closely to your eyes… so whatever it is you’re doing, you better be doing it right! So what actually is the deal with lash extensions, and are they truly as amazing (or as damaging) as people say? I popped into the amazing FEB Spa in Atlanta a couple weeks ago to talk lashes… all while getting mine done, of course 🙂 They do an amazing job and their spa is super cute, so you definitely need to check them out if you’re based in ATL and looking to get lash extensions done!

the good

What’s not to love about waking up with flawless Bambi lashes every single morning? The best part about rocking lash extensions is that it literally cuts time spent on my makeup routine in half: foundation, blush, lipstick, and I’m out the door! Most lash technicians will tell you that you shouldn’t wear any eye makeup when you have your extensions in to keep your lashes dry, and I love that I don’t even need eye makeup at all because that’s usually where I spend most of my time on my extension-free days.

So yeah… being able to literally say, “I woke up like this” is probably one of the best things I love about my lash extensions!

the bad

The good all sounds great, so what’s the catch? Well for starters, your first set of lash extensions doesn’t come cheap. With first-session prices coming in around $120-180, depending on where you go and the material your lashes are made of, you may be saving a lot of money by not restocking your mascaras and eyeliners anymore… but that money’s definitely going to come out of your wallet at your first lash appointment. At those prices, you’d better be waking up looking flawless, right?

The bad isn’t all that bad though — after your first session, your subsequent lash fill-in sessions will ring in at around half the price, saving you money, and if you’re really good at maintaining your lashes you’ll only need to get them filled in once every three to four weeks!

the ugly

OK, this is where we get a little more real — your lashes are meant to protect your eyes, so looking for a cheap way to do individual extensions is an absolute no-no! If a cheaper option is your thing, strip lashes are the way to go, otherwise you need to work with a licensed technician.

Your natural lashes are super fragile and they grow and shed in cycles just like the hair on your head — each lash has its own unique lifespan. That means that if you (or your lash technician) is clumping your natural lashes together and gluing extensions on them in clusters, as your older lashes shed, they’re gonna take your younger lashes out right along with them… leaving you with nothing left! Some people say that extensions damage your natural lashes… but believe me, when done the right way, they won’t ruin your natural lashes at all.

Something else to remember: do NOT pick at your lash extensions to remove them yourself, unless you’re ready to rock a lash-less Mona Lisa look! Let your extensions shed naturally, or if you want them gone stat, you can pop back into your salon to get them professionally removed.

Thank you to the FEB Spa for an amazing lash extension session. 
Enjoy your lashes, ladies!

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