Here's What I'm Getting Rid of & Adding to my NYC Wardrobe

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Next this time next week, I’m officially going to be a New York City resident. WHOA, if only you guys knew how long I’ve wanted to be able to say that!!!


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Moving to a new city means a lot of things, even though I’m super familiar with New York already: a significantly downsized space and much lower temperatures for starters, especially during this time of year! So how am I seamlessly transitioning my southern wardrobe to adapt to everything new in NYC? Here’s what I’m getting rid of in my wardrobe… as well as what I’m keeping or adding to it:

❌ borderline obnoxious loud prints

While I never have been one to play around with loud bright colors and patterns in my wardrobe, let me tell you – southern girls LOVE a good print! It’s fun to mirror the sunnier weather down here with playful colors and designs… and while I know NYC is a melting pot where any and everything goes, I’m super excited to really get into my personal style and rock what I love to wear best, which is all about…

✅ streamlined silhouettes & great tailoring

Give me all of the clean lines and crisp tailoring please! Even on a casual day out, I like wearing pieces that look like they were made just for me – paying attention to fits, fabrics and details can help to do just that!

❌ beautiful shoes that kill my feet

For very obvious reasons, my car is not coming to NYC with me. I’m taking it to the streets, and in need of shoes that are made for walking! My stilettos can stay home… well okay, maybe I’ll still bring them out on special occasions, but only if that outing involves Uber rides!

✅ comfortable shoes that still look stylish

Flats and sneakers don’t have to look ugly to be comfortable these days! Most of my favorite shoes that I own have are of a flatter persuasion and/or with a block heel. If I’m gonna spend my days running around the city, you better believe that I’m gonna do it comfortably!

❌ shlubby old college t-shirts for errand running

As I’m typing this right now, I’m sitting in an old t-shirt I’ve had since college and while it might be comfortable… it’s definitely not presentable for public viewing! Now that I’m a full-time freelancer, my work and personal life are flowing together, and even during my hermit days I’m definitely going to be running and errand or two around town. Not exactly the best idea to get caught in my ratty old t-shirts, so I’m elevating my off duty style in…

✅ elevated loungewear & athleisure

Athleisure made a huge comeback in fashion, and for good reason: we love an outfit that we can stay comfortable and stylish in! Whether I’m in leggings, sweatpants or a good old thermal set, there are so many chic and casual outfit options available at every price point – so that even on an off-day, I’ll always be feeling and looking my best!

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