Pyjama Party

coco's style6 years ago

Daytime pyjamas are apparently acceptable in 2016, and in a parallel universe where I’m still in college, a slightly-younger version of myself is raising a very unimpressed eyebrow to this post like, “okay, and…?” But trust me guys, the 2016 trend of PJs as regular daytime wear is nothing like the sweats and soffe shorts you schlepped yourself to class in for four years. When you think of fashion pyjamas, we’re talking about silk, structure and detailing — and just generally, anything that would look incredibly odd next to a keg of cheap beer 

 What do you guys think of the daytime pyjama trend? I honestly thought I hated it when it first came out… but I think that when you style it the right way, it totally works!

Editor’s Note: After seeing one too many red squiggles while I was writing this post, I realize that I’ve just betrayed my British-English upbringing by spelling them as “pyjamas” instead of “pajamas” but I’m too lazy to go back through and change everything. Pyjamas, pajamas… let’s call the whole thing off! 

Topshop blazer | ZARA leather shorts (similar) | Dior shoes

shot by Udee B.

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