5 Things That Will Spark Joy in Your Home this Winter

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So… this weather is making me want to go into full-on hibernation mode, and that’s basically what I did this past weekend. I’ve been getting shipment after shipment of product press packages and brand gifts, and it was starting to make my room look like a UPS warehouse! So, inspired by Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, I did a huge bedroom clean-out and donated a BUNCH of clothes and products that I haven’t used or worn in months and made a couple of upgrades to my space so that it could start feeling more like “home” again:

coffee table books

Books With Style

Paris: Through A Fashion Eye

flipping through a coffee table book is a great way to wind down and relax, without involving your mobile phone. i always find the best creative inspiration for my photography from them too!


throw blankets & pillows


Throw Blanket

freezing out? you can never have enough blankets! my bed is currently has at least 3 blankets on it at any given moment... and it makes getting out of it that much harder, but it's totally worth it for a cozy, good night's sleep!


string lights


String Lights

i added a couple string lights to my room last year, and now i can't remember the last time i used my overhead lights! i like how dimness of these lights for my bedroom because it's really adds a cozy vibe to my personal space.


indoor plantscape

Home Depot

Indoor House Plants

every home i've ever been to and fallen in love with always had an impressive indoor plant situation. especially in the winter, there's just something so cozy about bringing bright plants and greenery indoors... making your home a nature oasis, especially while the actual outdoors is anything but.


scented candles


Roses Candle

a perfect day spent indoors is never complete without lighting a scented candle! i love anything rose-scented, but there are so many other fragrances to choose from to find the right note that fits your own personal taste.



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