How to Find the Right Sunglasses for your Face Shape & Budget

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Sunny days are ahead, meaning the hunt is on for the perfect pair of shades! First thing’s first: what are the right sunglass styles for your face, and where can you find the perfect pair at the right price?

Not only are sunglasses an important sun protectant when you’re outdoors, but let’s not forget how stylish they are as well! Adding a pair of sunglasses to your outfit instantly makes the look more chic, and they come in so many different shapes and styles… all without you needing to break the bank! Figuring out what sunglass styles fit your face and overall look best can be tricky, so below I’m sharing the top trending styles along with styling tips and spend vs. splurge options. I hope you find your perfect look!

rectangle sunglasses

When trying to figure out if your face shape goes well with rectangle sunglasses, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, rectangle sunglasses will give a round face a narrower look by giving off contouring and lengthening effects. Rectangle shades make faces appear longer and thinner which is always a good tip to know when shopping for sunglasses! As for the frames, anything classy and not too thin will suffice!



Trendy shades with gold logo by the temple. Provide 100% UV protection. Come with case and cleaning cloth.

Le Specs


These retro looking shades are made from recyclable materials. Similar to the sunglasses above, they have a small gold accent by the temples.


aviator sunglasses

If you have an angular or heart-shaped face, then aviator shades are the ones for you! Finding sunglasses that fit well with your face isn’t always an easy thing to do, so keep in mind what looks proportionally best. Look out for having the sunglasses wider than your forehead for more of the heart-shaped or triangular face will look absolutely amazing!



These 58mm shades have glare-reducing lenses which is a great feature. Also, the nose pad is adjustable so you can play around with it until you find the perfect fit!



Next, we have a pair of 60mm sunglasses for more of an oversized look. Similar to the ones above, the nose pad is adjustable which gives so much room for comfort!


round sunglasses

Since the round sunglasses shape is more of a simpler look it can be much more versatile. The distinctive and angular features of someone with a square face will pair well with round shades. The round sunglass styles soften the sharper features making for such a nice look. If you have an oval or a heart-shaped face, round sunglasses are a great go-to as well!



And we’re back to the sixties with these sleek 53mm shades! A great and fun look to rock along with providing 100% UV protection.



Loving these vintage sunglasses that are ultra-light and ultra-thin providing extra comfort. They are durable without giving you that extra annoying pressure on your nose.

black square sunglasses by Dior

cat-eye sunglasses

Since cat-eye sunglasses are more of a funky style, it may be difficult to figure out what face shape goes best with this. Angular faces are common for rocking this fun shape best. If you have a square face and want to try a more daring look, definitely give cat-eye shades a try!

Saint Laurent


These chic cat-eye shaped sunglasses are special with the beautiful Saint Laurent logos on each side of the glasses. They come with a soft case making them easy to travel around with.

Le Specs


Excited about these cat-eye shades as well! They are such a great option for an everyday look that adds a little extra spice to it!


oversized square sunglasses

Lastly, we have the oversized square shades look. Round and oval shaped faces take the lead for who can rock these best. This is because they’re softer features will pair very nicely with the sharper features of the sunglasses.



These full-coverage oversized square sunglasses are unique because even though they are large in size they’re lightweight. Similar to the Saint Laurent shades, these have the Gucci logo at the temples for a gorgeous finish as well.



Lastly, we have another pair of trendy oversized sunglasses. The lenses are anti-glare also blocking 100% of UVA radiation.


Did you find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape? xx

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