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The Fashion Girl's Guide to Rocking Mixed Prints

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There are lots of age-old fashion rules that everyone used to adhere to: don’t wear white after Labor Day, don’t pair brown and black accessories, and don’t mix prints! Time and time again though, we’ve seen women breaking these rules… and doing so flawlessly. So what are the guidelines to breaking fashion rules in a fashionable way?


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Rocking mixed prints without looking like a patchwork doll can be a tough one to navigate. When done correctly though, there are few things that make more of a powerful fashion statement! I mean, case in point — isn’t this Kate Spade dress everything? With New York Fashion Week around the corner, I’m all for stepping outside of my style comfort zone… so these are the 3 guidelines I’m going to be using when it comes to pulling off clashing patterns:

stick to one tonal range

You’re already taking a bold step of mixing prints… don’t go overboard with too much clashing color as well! Keeping your mixed prints look within a similar or complementary color family will let people know that your look was still very thoughtfully put together.

play with proportions

Pairing a pinstriped top with a bolder thick-striped skirt is one way to do it, but there are countless other ways to make a mixed print work for you! By playing with proportions, you can draw attention to the parts of your body you like with bigger prints… while smaller fine prints serve as an accent to your look.

pair mixed prints with neutral accessories

Back to the fact that you really don’t need to overdo things here — if you’re mixing prints, THAT’s the focal point of your look! Your accessories can take a backseat this time around, so this is the time to dust off your nude, white and/or black shoes and bags, and let your outfit do the talking!

What fashion risks are you taking this Fall?

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