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Start saying goodbye to your dark winter nails, and hello to bright spring nails!


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Not only have we begun shopping for brighter pastel and floral clothing, but it’s time to give our nails some springtime love as well! Some of you may be back at the salons, while some may not, but either way I am sure we are all beginning the hunt for those perfect bright spring nail colors. If not, I have definitely been doing some collecting of my favorites to add to my polish collection and wanted to share with you guys! Also, if you need any good top and base coat suggestions I have them listed in my quarantine manicure guide. I hope you all enjoy and happy polish hunting! 🙂

1. pastel spring nails

For this upcoming season I am picturing bright yellows, soft blues, link pinks, and more beautiful color options. Can’t go wrong with a pastel as the perfect addition to your bright Spring nails look!

2. pops of color spring nails

If you love to experiment with your nails, this is a great recommendation for bright spring nails. Pops of color are always fun for people who like to go all out with beauty and style. Neon nails are a bold and vibrant way to express yourself! For sure an exciting option to experiment with!

3. neutral spring nails

If you like to keep it more on the simple side, then neutrals are the way to go. The neutral nails look gives off a sophisticated and clean appearance. It portrays warmth and tranquility which is why I recommend it for your spring nails. Can’t go wrong with it!

4. matte

Lastly, we have the matte nails look. If you don’t know exactly what this is, it is basically the opposite the of a glossy and shiny nail look. This is a modern and chic new polish textured look that you will often find on many celebrities. It has absolutely no shine which people often love as a cooler, less showy look. 


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