Staying Positive in Uncertain Times

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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently in unchartered territory. It’s scary and full of uncertainty.

Ever since my thyroid cancer experience, I’ve always known that there is absolutely NOTHING in this world that can replace the value of health – not money, not material possessions… not even a dream job, a perfect relationship or a monumental life change. And now, here we are… a global pandemic is threatening the health and lives of people across the globe, and COVID-19 has truly become the ultimate equalizer of our human experience.

On one hand, we have a significant segment of the human population working through our current situation: doctors working around the clock, sick people being turned away from hospitals for lack of resources, companies working overtime to send out vital products that households and healthcare facilities need to stay afloat, families being separated indefinitely due to travel restrictions… and the list goes on. 


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On the other hand, some of us are already looking to the future: COVID-19 is already having a huge effect on our job stability, finances and mental health… and what will all of this mean in the longterm? For the past couple of days, I’ve been relatively quiet on social media because I was feeling a bit down in the dumps too. I just moved to New York City, and had so many amazing things lined up over the next couple of weeks… and now? I don’t know. I’m back in Atlanta for a bit to spend time with my family, and while I’m definitely planning to be back in NYC to get back to work soon – the uncertainty is still there, and it’s scary.

If I want to look for the silver lining, I can say that I’m extremely grateful that I can work from anywhere… not everyone can say that, and I don’t think it for granted at all. This is why I shared that I will be donating a portion of my April income to the CDC Foundation, to support the Center of Disease Control’s COVID-19 relief efforts… to give back to those who need the most help right now, as well as to inspire me to keep working harder than ever by giving the work I do even more meaning.

I know that it can be really hard to stay positive in times of uncertainty, but I encourage you guys to join me in taking this time to think about what YOU can do to do some good in your community too! You may not have donations to give… and that’s OK. Take this time to work on yourself because you’re a gift, you’re blessed to still have your health, and your loved ones deserve to get the best version of you. If you need any inspiration on how to get started, feel free to DM me on Instagram or leave a comment below… we’ll get through this together! xx 

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